It is my honour and pleasure to introduce Guangdong Weifu Packaging Material Group to you.

Weifu has been headquartered in Guangdong, the most dynamic province in China, since the foundation of the original business "Zhanlong Yangmeishan Collodion Silk Products" in 1982.

The Guangdong region is famous for its manufacturing enterprises for which the Chinese proverb “The sea has the capacity to gather hundreds of rivers” holds true. This proverb also holds true for Weifu, which gains strength from the ingenuity, creativity and teamwork of our people and the support and cooperation of our industry partners.

Since inception, we have expanded capacity into three sites encompassing six core businesses, invested in the best technology and developed our skills to become a leading supplier of filmic materials in China. Each of the Group's businesses bring technology based products and solutions to a range of sophisticated customers. The Board has continued to ensure that these businesses are focussed in areas of significant and profitable growth, including packaging, labels, security, electronics and graphics.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our service and overall value to our customers and our sincere mission remains that of “continual improvement and to exceed the expectations of our customers in value, service and innovation”.

Our strategy of growing value added speciality products and expanding into new markets is progressing well and our dream of globalisation has already started. By meeting international quality standards, focussed innovation and professional service, Weifu has developed strong partnerships with customers in international markets, with exports now accounting for over 25% of business turnover. Through an ongoing investment plan, using the finest materials and equipment available internationally, Weifu intends to keep pace with the dynamic and rapidly evolving markets in which we have chosen to operate.

Notwithstanding our outward vision, Weifu is still a family business and for the wellbeing of our employees, local community and future generations, we take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously. We will continue to invest in sustainable manufacture, energy conservation and the ecological improvement of our sites.

Weifu owes a great deal to those who have supported us over the decades and I wish to extend my personal appreciation to every customer and supplier who has bestowed goodwill, trust and loyalty upon us during this journey. I assure you of our continued advancement with “integrity, reliability and commitment” as our core values, as we advance towards the future together.

Liang Weihan Chairman: