The admonition of Weifu founder is ‘three reverences’ which includes reverence toward Heaven (Natural Law), reverence with the distinguished people (moral, noble man) and reverence toward the sage words (the true saying of ancient sages). This concept evolved Weifu to really sincere, keep true, strive forward, courageous and commitment spirit of enterprise, evolved to green environmental protection as the direction of development, pay attention to the life, care for the community, the development of the concept of harmonious symbiosis.

We strive to react in times of emergency and to overcome difficulties It is the responsibility and belief of Weifu to play a role in society in time of emergency. In August 2013, a major flood hit Puning and the managers and staff of Weifu formed a volunteer team and rescued over 30 trapped villagers. 145,000 RMB was donated to the affected villages for post-disaster reconstruction.
Improve the ecology and maintain the beauty our local environment

Weifu believes that it is the duty of every enterprise to protect and enhance the environment of their locality - it reflects gratitude to society. Weifu has contributed to the environment of the local Lianjiang river by Weifu donating 300,000 RMB for “Clean Up” projects.