Weifu adheres to two major principles during production "Maintain the harmless and non-toxic nature of our products" and "Maintain a clean, safe and energy efficient production environment". Weifu strives to maintain its corporate responsibility and the social benefits of environmentally aware production via strict material selection, quality control and ongoing equipment investment.

Environmentally Friendly Production Process
Weifu production adheres to two major principles: "the product itself is non-toxic and harmless" is the basic principle.  "Clean production environment" and "production process safety & energy saving" are the basic requirements. Weifu strives to realize the corporate responsibility and social benefits of environmental production via strict material quality control, increasing equipment investment, paying attention to environmental construction and other measures.
Strict Inspection , Satisfied Quality
Sewage Treatment , Environment Beautification
Optimize equipment to save energy and reduce consumption Thermal recovery system and production equipment for reducing wastage
Environmental Products
How to play a better role in environmental protection? How to be a socially responsible company? These are the propositions that Weifu instills into this generation of staff. The application and development of new materials and innovative environmental products are the focus of Weifu's development. Weifu will continue to make biodegradability, “downweighting” and R&D key features of new film production.
Constantly improving product degradeability and protecting the natural environment Weifu has successfully developed three categories of BOPP, CPP and PE Biodegradable films to be applied to non-food packaging bags, such as garbage bags, logistics delivery bags, clothing bags and fertilizer bags etc.
In the next three to five years, Weifu will boost the promotion and application of environmental protection products in the market with focus on formula optimisation, performance improvement, reduced production costs and expanding areas of application.
Committed to “lightweight” product development, reduced packaging cost and reduced environmental pollution Dialogue and cooperation with downstream customers in order to optimize formulations to ensure packaging quality and function. Weifu aims to provide customers with lighter packaging film, with lower costs and reduced packaging material weight for the end users, in order to reduce environmental impact.
Continuous research and development of new base films to help the environmental position of the flexible packaging industry All kinds of new functional films such as high barrier, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, low sealing temperature, self-adhesive etc., will be added to the Weifu range.